Know the Status of Your Project


Bringing transparency to a restoration job has historically been easier said than done, but now that headache is over! We have simplified the claim updating process for you to a few clicks of a mouse, saving you time and trouble. And it's all free to you!

With DASH® View, true transparency in your claims process has finally been reached. Imagine being able to view all aspects of your restoration or remodeling projects by clicking a simple link emailed directly to you from Springfield Restoration & Remodeling. When the link is opened, the dynamic webpage will automatically update with real-time changes in your job, including job notes, photos, insurance information, important dates, and contact information. This eliminates missed messages and voicemails, removes the hassle of having to reach out for an update, and keeps you in the loop through the entire process, giving you a virtual window into your project.

DASH View by Next Gear Solutions

We have made the restoration process as simple as possible for agents, adjusters, and home and business owners because we know this is a stressful time, and we want you to be as in-the-know as possible on the status of our work.