Understanding Remediation Work, Treating Dangerous Materials and Reducing Harm to the Environment and Humans | Remediation Company Harlan IN

Remediation described in a technical term means treating dangerous materials to eliminate or reduce harm to the environment or humans. Removing black mold from a basement or sewage from the result of a pipe burst are good examples of the proper use of the term remediation.

Springfield Restoration and Remodeling has the experienced crews and professional equipment needed to take care of your next remediation project. We understand what you are experiencing and we know how to help. Our Emergency Response Team is on call and ready to perform the services necessary to stabilize your property and minimize the damage 24 HOURS a day, 365 DAYS per year.

We have invested in the latest industry specific project management software to better serve you, our client. With our experience and our technical ability to track, document, and communicate with your insurance company through our new system, we are sure to be your best choice to quickly dry, reconstruct, and file billing direct to your insurance company so you don't have to! You will be able to count on one company to perform your emergency work and while that work is taking place a project manager will already be planning reconstruction if needed. Working with multiple companies or the "wrong" company can leave you with weeks or even months of unnecessary stress and disorder.

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Peace of Mind During an Emergency | Customer Review Harlan IN

"The day before we left on vacation, we found out we had a leak in the upstairs tub. The kitchen ceiling was damaged by the water. When the ceiling was opened, the mold that was growing was very apparent. We called Springfield and they were at our house within an hour. The representative was so reassuring! Within another couple of hours, blowers and dehumidifiers were in place. The plan for the mitigation was fully explained. The level of professionalism that was demonstrated gave us a great peace of mind as we left town the next morning. While we were away, we were notified that all work was completed for this process, earlier than anticipated. We highly recommend Springfield Restoration!"

- Janis C.
Fort Wayne, IN

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First of all, our reputation is an essential part of who we are and what we do. At SPRINGFIELD RESTORATION & REMODELING, we take pride in serving our customers to the best of our ability. Our business would not be where it is without our customers. We know that the many loyal patrons, in the local community help us be a great company. They return year after year which means we must be doing something right. The five star reviews our valued customers leave really give you a feeling of the connection our crews give the home and business owners in the area.


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