Repairing Water Damage Yourself Can Cost You Later

Facing and repairing water damage in your home can be overwhelming and scary. Dollar signs start flashing in your mind, and you imagine the worst possible scenario. It can be tempting to save a few dollars by trying to repair water damage yourself. But be warned, that can cost you later.

The average person doesn’t realize how extensive water damage can be. You may see discoloration, staining, and standing water on the surface. Nine times out of ten, unless your home is made of some impermeable material, the water has traveled deeper and further than you’d probably expect. Getting it out without causing more problems takes skill and the right equipment.

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Happy With Customer Service and Outcome

We called Springfield Restoration & Remodeling because we suspected we had an issue with mold in the house. They came in and were able to quickly remediate the problem. It was done promptly and they were able to take care of it all without having to call anyone else in. This was my first time using their service but I would call them again. The price was reasonable and we were very happy with both the customer service and the outcome.