Very pleased with the services recently provided | Five Star Customer Reviews Fort Wayne IN

"Very nice and very professional!

I was very pleased with the services recently provided by Springfield Restoration & Remodeling! I asked them to come out and make some roof repairs for me, and they did a great job! The gentleman who did the work was very nice, and very professional. I got the feeling that the company is very honest and that they really care about their customers. This was a good experience, and I am happy to recommend Springfield Restoration & Remodeling to everyone!"

Mold Damage Remediation And Its Importance

Mold can cause a number of problems after it starts growing on any of the building materials in your home. While there are many steps that can be taken to prevent mold growth, and taking these measures is much easier than removing it, sometimes mold still finds its way in. Mold Damage Remediation is likely the best route for you and your family or business.